Alison Evans Ceramics Traditional Oyster Platter, Seafoam


Alison Evans


13” x 13” x 1.25”


This platter is essential to any oyster lovers dish collection. It serves six oysters on the half shell; the grooves help keep the shells upright so the liquid doesn’t spill from the shell. The platter is purposefully thick and can be placed in the freezer to chill so the messiness of ice can be avoided. This platter may also be used in the oven for dishes such as Oysters Rockefeller. To avoid thermal shock, do not place a warm dish in the freezer or a cold dish in a hot oven. Designed with the Condiment Dish for oyster accoutrements.

Dimensions: 13” x 13” x 1.25”

EB-SKU: 021153.