Butterfly #4


24″ x 34″


This beautiful print is on Napalese handmade paper.

It is enclosed in acrylic with brass hardware (see inset image)

About the artsists:  For more than two decades the father/son tandem of Dennis and Roy Barloga have been making photographs in a shared studio in Northern California. While each artist chose divergent paths they often came together in support and critique - bound by blood, artistic conviction, and the desire to help each other succeed.

Currently, Dennis and Roy are combining their efforts and talents in trying to best utilize both modern printing technology and traditional photographic techniques to make prints on a variety of “unphotographic” substrates. Handmade paper, film, wood, and fabric have all been used in the search for printing mediums that best enhance a given subject. They are very proud of this collaboration and are honored to be able to share their prints with you.


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